We are hiring !

We are here to build the next digital world and foster the development of distributed ecosystem by enabling every participant to seek and find answers. Blockchain technology is bounded to transform flows of value, governance, finance and virtually every aspect of our society. We are inspired to be taking part in the foundation of a new era.

Within the next years blockchain technology will have a breathtaking impact and an established, responsibly managed focal role in the global economy. Coinspace is built to become the homepage for blockchain ecosystem.

If you are passionate (if not - we’ll make you) about blockchain space and want to apply / learn new skills - come join us and take part in the most fundamental shift of our lifetimes! We promise you that not a single day will be a dull moment. Our team is quite distributed, so don’t be afraid to apply from furthest parts of the planet.

Want to join Coinspace ?

We are constantly looking for top talent to join our team. Please check out open positions, sumbit aplication form and we will get in touch!


We’re looking for an entrepreneurial spirit, hands-on product leader with great instincts to help us build the homepage for cryptocurrency ecosystem. We love product, we wake up and go to bed thinking about new and innovative solution to deploy on our platform. As a Product Manager at Coinspace you’ll be creating and launching products that has never existed in our ecosystem before, or maybe you will reshape old school tools and bring them to second life! Trust us, each day at Coinspace will present new challenges and opportunities!


Take high level product ideas from conception to mockups and finished renderings, working with the engineer team and product managers. Provide product vision and leadership in making cryptocurrency ecosystem easier to trust and interact with a strong perspective on the market, you’ll define the future of Coinspace products. Your choices will be backed by data, deep research, and a strong perspective on the problems you are solving.
At Coinspace you’ll be working with smartest entrepreneurs in our ecosystem, who love to lead and teach each other. You’ll need to listen, observe, research and come up with state-of-art solutions that will open untapped potential for our industry. Each day you will make difficult decisions that will have an affect on the future of Coinspace. Therefore you will work with engineers, designers and senior leadership to turn our product and technical vision into a tangible roadmap every month. Work closely with the growth team to develop and optimize new user acquisition and retention strategy, shape product accordingly.

  • Exceptional interpersonal communication, relationship management, and organizational skills;

  • Previous experience working in software product management;

  • Ability to travel up to 20% (bonus);

  • An entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to succeed in a fast-paced environment;

  • Prior product leadership experience with one or more successful products;

  • You can decide what to prioritize based on likely impact. You set goals and always know how how things are tracking. You feel comfortable making order of magnitude estimates and making decisions based on imperfect data;

  • Experience making data driven decisions;

  • Experience and understanding of cryptocurrency space or a strong desire to learn (very strong bonus);

  • Clear ability to understand engineering tradeoffs and experience working directly with design and engineering teams;

As a Product Designer at Coinspace you’ll design and help catapult products to millions cryptocurrency users across the globe, as you work to bring deeply technical projects to the masses. If you are a hands-on executor who wants to dive into problems and figure out them with a team of engineers, PMs, and leadership - we’d love to hear from you, now.


Take high level product ideas from conception to mockups and finished renderings, working with the engineer team, product managers and leadership. You know what it takes to understand your users, to segment them, to identify their needs and behaviour, and to respond to those needs with highly scalable solutions. You will take part of a cross-functional team where design, product, engineering, accounts sales come together to iterate on existing products and invent new ones. You will take ownership of projects and manage multiple priorities against deadlines. You will be forced to think deeply about interactions, user flows, and how the product will organically grow.

  • Strong online portfolio to demonstrate your design skills and understanding of what makes great user experience;

  • Ability to create detailed mockups and work with engineers;

  • You have a track record of launching successful projects. You appreciate the value of shipping and do what it takes to get your designs launched;

  • The crypto world is changing, changing at a very fast past and everyone in the team requires at least some understanding of the relevant issues;

  • You’re willing to be challenged, to fail and to learn. While having some crypto expertise is a plus, being a quick learner is more important;


We are looking for a Senior PHP Developer to take on hard engineering problems in highly scalable architecture solutions, security, distributed systems, with a focus on building high reliability services for Coinspace products. You will be working daily with product managers and senior leadership to turn our product and technical vision into a tangible roadmap every quarter. We are planning to have millions of users, so there will be plenty of challenges down the road - we promise!


You’ll be owning different verticals. We love hiring smart people and giving them a lot of responsibility. Whether it’s running a critical update or leading our new experiment, we’ll make sure you are always pushing yourself to new levels. Write infrastructural level code that will be serve as a stepping stone for our products. Collaborate with senior engineering leaders to chart a long term vision for our backend systems Ship scalable and performant backend services that meet the needs of our 24/7, global client-base.

  • Experience in a Senior or Lead role (even in unofficial capacity);

  • 5yrs+ commercial experience in object orientated PHP development;

  • Experience with MySQL, NoSQL;

  • Working knowledge of Git;

  • RESTful / Web API’s;

  • Experience with Unit testing;

  • Knowledege of testing and troubleshooting with automated testing or manual quality assurance;

At Coinspace, you will be focused on converting data into learnings. As a data scientist, you will be the key person for interpreting data, sharing findings, building models, and creating tools that make it easy for everyone at our company to understand make critical decisions on. You will be dealing with enormous data clusters, sometimes even we are surprised with the size of those beauties.


Work with different Coinspace product teams to experiment new product ideas, and analyze the results to provide actionable recommendations Perform deep analyses and build models to understand customer flow, habits and extract key insights that impact product decisions Be one of the core persons to lead analytics projects to completion and strategically partner with product leaders to help prioritize opportunities and develop product strategy Measurement of Coinspace platform performance, develop fundamental metrics and create tools to track and understand them.

  • 3+ years of related work experience;

  • Strong proof of relevant practical experience;

  • Experience collaborating with product or team leaders to drive decision making;

  • Experience in at least one programming language (e.g. R, Python, Java, Ruby, Scala/Spark, or Perl);

  • Experience in data analysis using SQL;

  • Any project is an adventure. Data scientist are uniquely positioned to support visions with their skills and tools that bring teams into alignment. You understand this power and you use it wisely.;

  • Domain experience in product analytics or marketing analytics and passion for the world of cryptocurrency and related ecosystems (high bonus);

  • Experience manipulating large amounts of structured and unstructured data to achieve required results;

  • You know what it takes to understand large data clusters, to segment them, to identify their project needs, and to respond to those needs with best solution;